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1000W HID Digital Electronic Ballast - Maker Lighting September

Dear Customer,
Good day!
The Chinese Mid-autumn Festival (Sept. 12th, Chinese Calendar Aug. 15th) is coming. Most Chinese will enjoy family reunions, tasting delicious moon cakes, appreciating the full moon, telling stories like Chang’e Ben Yue (a legend about the Beautiful human Chang’e’s life. She ate the long living medicine and became a fairy, flying to and living on the moon alone). We hope you can come and join us to enjoy the festival. ^_^
Here we would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to our most advanced and competitive product –1000W Digital Electronic Ballast!
Brief Introduction
Maker Lighting Digital Electronic Ballast is highly efficient and energy-saving. Its power factor is active, luminous efficiency is strong, and THD is low. Equipped with open/short circuit protection, ignition failure protection, overheated protection and end of lamp life protection technology, it matches both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps. Its high operating frequency (25-100 kHz) provides constant power output for lamps, prolongs the lamps’ usage life, and increases light efficiency.

Model NO.
Lamp Types
1000W HPS /MH bulb (USA &Europe standard)
Input Voltage
Input Frequency
Output Frequency
Out Power
Power Factor
Operating Temperature
-40℃ ~ + 65℃
Max. Lighting Distance
4 KGs
Blue, Sliver , Black, Green (optional)
Dimmable Range
3 phases manual dimming: 100%, 75%, 50%

Supreme Features
1.         Lamp life span prolonging at least 10%
2.         Digital Electronic Ballast Energy-saving up to 30 % compared with magnetic ballast
3.         Good regulation against supply voltage variation
4.         Constant wattage output
5.         Digital Electronic Ballast  noise rated class A
6.         Thermal protection at 105℃and restart at 55℃
7.         Elimination of lamp flicker
8.         Certifications : CE, FCC,UL,CUL,ROHS
9.         Protection functions: short-circuit protection, circuit protection, overheat protection, lamp failure protection
10.     Ballast Dimming methods: manual knob or remote control (optional). Prospective remote control turning on/off, remote control dimming, timing dimming and 0V to 10V imitating dimming, etc., will be available at customers’ request.
11.     Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : <10%
12.     Crest Factor: <1.7
13.     Acoustic Resonance: none
Tips and Warnings
1.         Only digital electronic ballast professional persons are allowed to do below operation
2.         Before assembly & maintenance, please make sure the power is cut off
3.         Before connecting the cord, check the voltage is OK, check the cross section of cord is sufficient. Connect ground cable before connecting other cables
4.         In order to get higher efficiency, safety and more luminance output, digital electronic ballast must be equipped with right HPS and MH lamps.
5.         The product is for indoor use only
6.         In order to avoid shaking, the ballast should be fixed well. Any failing can cause damage and body hurt.
7.         It is strongly recommended to read carefully all details below before initial use:
Pre-Use Procedures
Ø  The Digital Electronic Ballast (120V/240V) is able to operate a 100V to 265V power supply.
Please note which power supply is available and determine which power cord to use.
Ø  Plug the appropriate power cord into the power receptacle of the Digital Electronic Ballast.
Ø  The Digital Electronic Ballast operating temperature range: -40℃~+65℃,Max case temperature (TC): 90 ℃. Therefore, if the operating temperature is higher than 65 ℃ or lower than -40℃, the ballast has temperature protection.
Ø  Ensure the lamp power matches the Digital Electronic Ballast power supply. For maximum performance, lamp voltage is ranging from 90V to 140V. But the 1000W lamp can be range from 245V to 300V.
Ø  Never unplug the power plug or detach the lamp cord from the lamp socket without turning the power supply off first.
Ø  Mounting Location – Do not install ballast in areas of very high temperature such as an attic or a closed closet. Do not mount the ballast to the reflector or blow exhaust air over them. Do not stack ballast on top of each other. Do not allow direct contact with water, the mount units should be at least 150mm apart.
Ø  If a unit ever leaks resin, please turn off the power supply, and make it cool down, relocate to cooler area or install a fan near the ballast for cooling.
Operating Procedures
Ø  Connect input wires to lamp socket or as instructed by the lamp fixture’s manufacturer.
Ø  Plug the power connection into the power supply socket.
Should these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you detailed information and quotations upon receipt of your specific requirements.
Best Wishes,
Marketing Team
Maker Lighting Company Limited
The professional Lighting Supplier!
ISO 9001 &14001, CE, RoHS, UL, CSA Certificated
PRC Tel: +86-020-22078445



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