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MH Grow Bulb 4,000K 12,000Hrs MK-MH175 (175W)

Category: Grow Light / MH & HPS Grow Light
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MH Grow Bulb 4,000K 12,000Hrs MK-MH175 (175W)

Product Description

Item name: MH Grow Bulb 4,000K 12,000Hrs MK-MH175 (175W)

Series: MH Grow Bulb 4,000K 12,000Hrs

Type: MH Grow Bulb 4,000K 12,000Hrs 175W

Model No.: MK-NH175

Specification: Color temp4, 000K, Rated life 12,000Hrs, Rated power 175W

Origin: China

Certifications: CE, FCC, CSA-CUS

Scope of application: Greenhouse

Packing: Neutral Packing / Customized Packing


Brief Introduction to Maker Lighting MH Grow Bulb

Maker Lighting 150W/175W/250W/400W/600W/1000W Metal Halide Lamps:

1.     Power: 150W/175W/250W/400W/600W/1000W with High efficiency

2.     Expected Life Span: 12,000 hours

3.     Color Temperature: 4,000K


Further Knowledge of MH Bulb



l  The K at the end of color rating for each bulb stands for Kelvin. This is a measurement of the color temperature. The higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler (bluer) the color of light given off by the bulb. In general, the color given off by the 10,000K is interpreted as being a perfect white color.

l   Metal Halide lamp is one type of HID lamps which are ideal for plant grow lighting and Aquarium Lighting applications. They produce a strong output of the blue spectrum, which will promote strong vegetative growth. This blue spectrum is most needed by plants for rapid growth. It's the best type of light to be used as a primary light source (if little or no natural sunlight is available). If you are growing leafy plants such as lettuce or herbs then a Metal Halide bulb is sufficient. Metal Halide lamps can be used as the primary light source to grow plants from start to finish.

l  Light Spectrum

How to Install a MH Lamp

Metal Halide lamps provide light at levels fluorescents and incandescent lights cannot approach. The light they produce tends to be more blue than red and is prized by indoor growers for its high intensity. Using MHs for an indoor garden is one of the most typical uses of the high intensity discharge lamps.


Moderately Easy


o    1

Establish where the lamp will be placed. Be sure that there is a location to screw in anchor hooks. The best place to hang light fixtures from is part of a wooden framework capable of holding 30 lbs. If the ballast is separate from the lamp, a place must be determined for it as well. Be sure that there will be adequate air flow to the ballast as it gets very hot.

o    2

Screw hooks into the frame work to hang the fixture from. Use as many hooks as will be necessary to hang the fixture. Most fixtures will need only one or two hooks. Be sure that these hooks are fastened securely.

o    3

Hang a chain from each hook and attach it to the light fixture. By using a chain, the light can be moved up or down easily.

o    4

Run the cord from the fixture using more hooks to hold it up if needed. If the ballast is attached to the light fixture, simply screw in the bulb and plug it into your wall outlet. If the ballast is separate from the fixture, run the cord to the ballast and plug it in.

o    5

Place the ballast in a location with lots of air flow to keep it cool. After plugging in the fixture to the ballast, screw in the bulb, then plug the ballast into the wall outlet.

Tips & Warnings

·         Be sure that the lamp fixture and ballast are the same wattage as the bulb.

·         Check that the volts and amps used by the fixture can be supported by the electrical system to which it is attached.

·         Keeping the entire system cool will increase the life of the lamp.

·         Metal halide lamps are extremely powerful and should never be looked into at close proximity or even midrange proximity. They have been known to cause temporary whiteout snow blindness and long-term exposure effects on the eyes are not completely understood.


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